3 Options For Dealing With Dead Animal Carcasses

When you run an animal farming operation, you are going to have to deal with dead animal carcasses from time to time. As a farm owner, you need to have a plan in place so that when an animal dies, you already know what you are going to do with that animal. There are multiple ways you can deal with a dead animal carcass.

Option #1: Rendering

The first option for getting rid of dead animals on your property is rendering. Rendering is a removal method where the carcasses of the dead animal is put inside of a container and exposed to targeted high temperatures. These high temperatures are designed to allow the pathogens in the animal to break down.

Before an animal goes through the rendering process, the vertebra and spinal cord have to be removed from the animal. This process was adopted to prevent the spread of specific diseases, such as mad cow disease.

This extra step is one reason why many farming operations stopped using the rendering process, as removing the spinal cord and vertebra adds a lot of time and energy to this disposal method.

Option #2: Incineration

The second option for getting rid of the dead animal carcasses is incineration. With incineration, the animal is burning up via a source of fuel. More often than not, propane, diesel, or natural gas is used for this process.

The animal is put inside of a special incinerator for this process. This process is similar to the process of cremation for humans; the animal is burned down to ashes.

Option #3: Burial

Finally, you can bury dead animal carcasses on your property. When it comes to burying dead animal carcasses, you can't just start digging wherever you want. In most states, there are rules and regulations for the burial of dead animal carcasses.

For example, the burial site has to be a certain distance away from wells as well as fresh water sources, such as streams or rivers. The burial site also has to reach a certain depth to ensure that scavengers will not dig the body up. The burial site also has to be a certain distance from your property lines and from structures on your property, such as your home or barn. 

When it comes to dealing with a dead animal carcasses, you need to have a plan for getting rid of the carcasses. For example, you can render the carcass, incinerate it, or bury it. You need to know what you plan on doing with the carcasses ahead of time. Work with a company like Tri-County Dead Stock Inc if you don't have the resources to deal with a carcass on your own.