How Commercial Land Surveying Can Benefit Your Business

Are you looking to purchase a piece of commercial real estate? The seller of the property will likely provide the exact dimensions of the land as well as any structures or buildings on it, but you should always do your own research to confirm this information. That's where a commercial land surveying service comes into play. A commercial land survey can help ensure that you aren't getting the short end of the stick during a real estate transaction and will also better prepare your company for any plans you might have for the future.

Figure Out What Type of Land You Are Really Getting and How Suitable It Is for Your Type of Construction

Do you want to build a high-rise tower on your new piece of land? That might be difficult if it turns out that the property is actually classified as "wetlands" by an official surveyor. In other words, the soil or ground might not be stable enough to build as high as you would like.

A commercial land survey will look at not just the dimensions of the land, but the soil or ground itself and let you know exactly what type of land you are actually getting for your money. This will let you know the viability of any potential new construction before you sign on the dotted line.

Map It Out So You Can Get a Clear View of Exactly What You Are Getting With Your Purchase

A commercial land survey, when complete, will give you a map that shows you exactly what you are getting from a top-down view. You'll know where every structure on the property is located, how close those structures are to any boundary lines, if there are any easements involved that might change your calculations for future construction, and so on. The seller of the property may provide what they feel is a complete description of the land, but if you are buying something truly expansive and can't walk the entire property yourself, a commercial land surveyor can help ensure that you are actually purchasing what you think you are.

Avoid Legal Hassles and Protect Your Property Lines As Needed Into the Future

Knowing exactly where your property begins and ends can help you avoid any legal trouble when starting to build a new structure. It can also help you be a good neighbor to nearby property owners or help you be mindful of any public roads or utilities that run across part of your land.

Contact a commercial land surveying service, such as TN Professional Surveying, Inc, today to get started.